Exchange year.

It’s going to be the best and worst year of your life.
There are going to be ups and downs, cause how could it be the best year of your life without any downs?
You’ll get mad and think how stupid their point of view is sometimes, you’ll be scared. Your emotions will be so mixed up that you’ll start crying without even knowing why.
You’ll eventually understand how wrong your expectations were, but at some point you’ll know that’s how things are supposed to be and it couldn’t be any better.
It’s going to be anything but perfect.
Even if sometimes you’ll feel like there is nothing you’d change, you’ll have to go through hell before you get to heaven.
Nothing is easy.
You’ll be alone in a completely different world, you’ll have to count on yourself and even be your own strength sometimes. That’s how you’ll grow up, a special person once told me that exchange students grow up 5 years in just one. I didn’t realize how true it was until I came back home and I didn’t fit anymore, I realized how different I think from my friends.
I have been told I am more mature than my age since I was in elementary school, and as much as I think it’s a good thing, sometimes I just want to be like everyone in my town, ‘cause it’s so hard to fit in a place with such closed mind people. Yet I’d hate to be one of them, to be ordinary.
I want to be extraordinary, and to be such you have to think out of the box.
You have a full year to discover who you really are, you won’t be influenced  by the people around you, nobody knows you. You can be whoever you want to.
Just be yourself.
Make the most out of this year and I promise you’ll never regret it.
Don’t ever go for the easy way, choose the struggle of not be able to express yourself in the way you’d like to, of feeling lost sometimes, of not having friends and family around. Don’t be afraid to leave, to start fresh, there is so much out there, don’t ever stop looking for opportunities even when you come back.
My mom always tells me how I always change my mind about where I want to move next, the point is I cannot choose just one place, life is so short and there are so many places I want to live in! Not travel, actually live.
It’s so hard to know what you want when you want it all.
So go, don’t hesitate.
There ain’t enough time to do everything you’d like to, therefore, you can’t waste any minute. My year abroad was the best choice I have ever made, and it will be yours too. Prepare for the worst, hoper for the best and go. Don’t create expectations or prejudices.
Go with the flow, be a bird.




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